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Wiki Editors Administrators

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Wiki Editors Administrators control the activity of the group of Editors, organize their work and are responsible for the quality of the published information.

List of Wiki Editors Administrators:

Wiki Editors

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Wiki Editors are responsible for everything related to the official Wiki page of Tanki Online. If there’s any information that you feel should be included in the wiki, these are the people you should speak with.

List of Wiki Editors:

Wiki Editor Candidates

The users who decided to try out as Wiki Editors themselves. After passing a trial period and receiving positive reviews of their work, they will become full Wiki Editors.

List of Wiki Editor candidates:

How to become a Wiki Editor

If you are interested in applying for the Wiki Editor position, see the requirements and application in the following topic: Application rules for Wiki Editors.

The application form itself requires the following information:

  1. First name
  2. Age
  3. Country of residence
  4. Native language
  5. Any other languages (spoken fluently) - knowledge of Russian is a bonus, though not compulsory
  6. Date of initial registration in the game
  7. Contact details (Skype is obligatory)
  8. Why do you think you should be a Wiki Editor?
  9. How can you contribute to the Tanki Online Wiki?
  10. Please include a short sample of non-fiction writing to prove eligibility. This does not have to be related to Tanki Online, but showing us your knowledge of the game would be beneficial

You may also send any additional information about yourself that will help us choose you.