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Upon entering a battle you may be asked to test a randomly chosen item (hull or turret). Only the highest modifications available at the player's rank are offered to be tested, aswell as the ones that have not been bought yet. The chances of getting a Test Drive are quite low; you may be asked to do a Test Drive only upon entering your first battle after server restart. The battle must be non-format or changing equipment must be allowed.

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The item which is being tested does not have any micro-upgraded parameters and it looks exactly like the usual item. Your Test drive is finished when you leave the battle or change equipment while you are still in the battle. After finishing your Test Drive (or after rejecting the offer to test it) you will get the ability to buy the item with a certain discount. This offer will be valid for a limited time and the time is different for each item. The discount percentage is always divisible by 5%: for example, it can be 10%, 15%, 20%, etc. and the chances to get a specific percentage are equal for each of them.

Also, you may get personal discounts without a Test Drive simply by logging in after the server restart. Getting a personal discount without a Test Drive does not affect the chance of getting a Test Drive later and vice versa. Personal discounts will combine with garage promotions, product kits and discounts given for fully micro-upgrading parameters of turrets and hulls.