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La primer Caja Dorada valía 1,000 cristales. Inicialmente, nadie sabe como, onde y cuando esta bonificación aparecería. La primer Caja Dorada apareció en el mapa "Kungur" cuando el fondo de batalla era de 700 cristales, la atrapó el jugador Noosya. Luego las Cajas Doradas comenzaron a caer casi en todos los mapas, pero su valor fue recortado a 100 cristales. Ahora las zonas de lanzamiento e las cajas Doradas existen en todos los mapas.

Spectator mode is a powerful instrument for moderating the Game and organizing eSports streamings. It allows the user to enter any battle (independent of the rank and free slots in the battle) in free-camera mode. The Spectator does not have a tank on the battlefield and cannot change the outcome of the battle in any way, but can freely move around the map (including movement through textures).

Spectator mode was introduced in the beginning of June, 2012. After testing it on the test server, where every player could take part in testing the new feature, Spectator mode was given to chat moderators and eSports broadcasters.
People holding these two positions liked the new feature for the following reasons:

  • Effectiveness of moderating and spotting violations such as sabotage and hacking increased noticeably
  • eSports streamings became more professional and dynamic

Spectator mode was lately given to Game Violators group aswell to work on battles' violations such as cheating and sabotaging.

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At the moment, Spectator mode gives the following abilities:

  • Free movement of the camera around the whole map
  • Various methods of camera movement on the map, adjustable camera speed
  • Ability to create key points anywhere on the map and moving the camera between them
  • Ability to follow any tank by binding the camera to it
  • Seeing the health of all players on the battlefield
  • Seeing the chats of all teams (and, generally, of all players) on the battlefield
  • Ability to write in chat with the tag [Spectator]

Tanki Online - Spectator mode

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It's possible to get Spectator mode in the following ways:

The English Community owns a specific section on Forum to collect all Spectators' professional videos regarding Tanki Online called Videomakers section.
A complete list of Spectators (and their YouTube channels) for the English Community can be found here: Videomakers.