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A crucial element of the system is a weekly TOP-100 of tankers in 3 categories: experience earned, Gold Boxes caught and crystals earned. These lists reset every Monday with the scheduled server restart, at 2 am UTC. The ratings are displayed in real time, updating every few minutes.

Additionally, you can find out your current position in Earned Experience Points (EXP), Gold Boxes Caught (GLD) and Earned Crystals (CRY) ratings without leaving the game. These rankings are displayed in the right part of your experience bar. Remember, a lower number indicates a higher ranking.

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Each tanker has his or her own profile page, displaying various statistics:

  • Current rank
  • Amount of experience earned
  • Number of enemies destroyed
  • Number of deaths
  • Total kill / death ratio
  • Currently equipped gear
  • Current positions in the weekly ratings (Place), amount of experience earned, amount of Gold Boxes caught and amount of crystals earned (Value) and previous week values (Previously)
  • Achievements

The bottom part of the profile page lists all the turrets, hulls and paints used by the tanker, including the amount of hours spent and experience earned using each piece of equipment.

The system also displays the number of supplies used and the time played and experience earned in each battle mode, as well as received Gifts.

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All profiles are publicly visible, which means you can view the profile of any tanker, whether or not they're in your friends list. To view a profile, choose one of the following options:

  • Find his page using the search feature on the ratings site
  • Click on his name inside the game and select “Profile
  • Click on "Profile" while on the Forum

Of course, you can also share your profile with the world via social media.

Please Note: The only parameters which have been accumulated from the beginning of Tanki Online are experience, kills, deaths, and crystals earned. Everything else has been monitored from Friday, October 23, which is when the statistics system was integrated into the game.