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What should you do if you got banned?

If you want to know why you were banned and how long the ban period is, you need to send a PM (private message) to one of the Chat Administrators (for bans given in Chat) or to one of the Forum Administrators (for bans given in Forum).

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You need to remember that there can't be any public discussion of the ban on the chat or on the forum, only in PM.

If you think that the ban you received is not fair, then just send a PM to the administrator.
In order to prove your words were not worthy of a ban, you need to confirm them with a screenshot of the lobby / battle chat or of the forum post related to the ban (depending on the situation).

After receiving your request, the Administration will consider your words and the proof you provided and will either leave the ban as it is or cancel the ban. Please note that the Administration will not inform you of its decision.

Attempts to lie to the Administration will be punished.