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El 9 de Mayo, 2015 había un pase "Suministros Sin Fin", que costaba 70 cristales y podía ser comprado hasta el reinicio del 10 de Mayo. Ese día era casi imposible encontrar a un jugador que hubiera jugado sin 3 suministros activados al mismo tiempo - excepto los que jugaban en Batallas PRO con los suministros desactivados.

On June 4th, 2013, Tanki Online celebrated its fourth birthday. Many important things have happened, and we have all gained a lot of valuable experience. New game objects and modes have been added. An important event for the project was the introduction of technical support, which took Tanki Online to a new level. We never stop developing the game and looking into the future. This article is for those who want to know about the past of Tanki Online, and about its origins.

Tanks for Two (late 90s)

Gameplay of Tanks for Two

About thirteen years ago, there existed an ancestor of Tanki Online - a game called Tanks for Two. It was designed as an experiment by young Anton Volkov (wolf) and Alexander Karpovich (karp) - the founders of AlternativaPlatform and Tanki Online. It was small and basic, with graphics that reminded players of old Java-games for mobile phones, and with only a two player mode - it was that simple.

Thanks to this project, the idea of ​​a tank multiplayer shooter was born.

You can find more information about Tanks for Two in this article.

Tanks (late 2008 - early 2009)

Two months before the beginning of active development on Tanki Online by the AlternativaPlatform team, they came up with a demo that was supposed to demonstrate the possibilities of the server platform. The code name for the demo was "Tanks". It was a multiplayer action game with tanks, based on Flash. The demo was developed using the Alternativa3D 5 graphics engine. Tanks became the prototype for Tanki Online. The garage was much more diverse than the one in Tanks for Two. Players could choose between three types of tanks: light, medium and heavy. However, there was only one gun. It took one, two and three hits to destroy light, medium and heavy hulls respectively. Tanks had only one map that was actually a single 3D-model (maps in Tanki Online are made of many blocks called props). It also contained water.

Here is an archive video of what the game looked like: <mediaplayer></mediaplayer>

As a result of development, the team created the prototypes for the Smoky turret and the Hunter hull. The dream of a multiplayer action game with tanks was beginning to take shape.

Tanki Online History

Beginning (2009)

The beginnings of parkour
Tanks of developers (from left to right: antonio, Zykov, danilova, arts80, Karp)
Private Zykov is examining the map

Closed beta testing for the new game called Tanki Online began on May 8th, 2009. To participate in the testing, it was necessary to send in a questionnaire to

Note that at this point, the game received an award at the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2009) in the category "Best game without a publisher." This clearly shows that the game was already receiving international recognition even in its testing phase.

Just one month after that, on June 4th, open testing began. A speech by Anton Volkov, in which he invites anyone interested to take part in the game's open testing:


Closed testing for our project took almost a month; 600 people participated in it. They discovered more than 200 bugs, and greatly helped us with their advice and feedback. However, we still have a lot left to do at this point: there are bugs, lots of ideas and improvements. In the coming months, we will start working closely on all of these things.

We invite you to participate in the open testing of Tanki Online!

May the server withstand all of us! :)

— Anton Volkov

The game was on the main server in the beginning of summer 2009.

The community was just beginning to form itself. Everyone was new. The developers played together with all the other players. Prices were completely different, the game was full of bugs, glitches and lags. In short, one may argue it was total chaos... For example, Firebird had an awfully long visual after-effect on the enemy. This effect only vanished after server restart. Of course, this bug was quickly corrected. Apart from hulls and turrets, it was also possible to change the tank's engine. Various elements would gradually wear out — hulls with each hit they received, turrets with every shot they fired, and the engine would wear out the more distance it covered. Life was difficult for newbies, as everything was wearing out really quickly, and there were not enough funds to constantly keep up with the repairs. So developers had to give up these elements of gameplay. There were no second generation turrets and hulls, the barrel of Railgun (which was originally called Fear Machine if you didn't know:)) had the length of Wasp, and the damage it did was huge (M0 Railgun had a damage of around 100 HP). During that time, there was only one kind of battle supply - the First Aid kit. The picture on it showed a syringe, instead of the red cross that we've gotten used to. That's why players that used it were often called druggers, whilst the supply itself was commonly known as a "drug".

At the same time, we started seeing some of the first players practicing parkour.

An idea of introducing a racing mode was brought up. A map-maker called Avocado made a map called Monte Carlo. It was supposed to become one of the 'racing tracks'. The idea was scrapped, whilst the map remained and is still quite popular with players.

The Capture the Flag mode was added to the game on July 31st, 2009.

Since then, Tanki Online has changed a lot. and there are now a few things that remind us of this period.

Late 2009 — mid 2010

Fighting in CTF mode
1000 crystals Gold Box
Physics bugs
First Marshal in Tanki Online - T7000

By this time, the game already had 200,000 players.

That's when the Double Damage, Double Armor, Nitro and Mine supplies were introduced. From that moment, active supplies were shown on top of players' tanks.

Additionally, the administration started to organize various contests.

Vitamin Group, a partner of AlternativaPlatform, combined Tanki Online with its interactive screen, organizing multi-touch support on Adobe Flash Player 10.1. Here's a video showing it: <mediaplayer></mediaplayer>

In 2009. the developers decided to create a gun that could damage enemies and heal teammates at the same time. This is how Isida was born. Originally, players could heal themselves using Isida (while firing). This fact made Isida the most powerful gun, unbalancing the game. As a result, the game designers were forced to remove this feature. Since then, the turret has become the Isida we all know today.

As Christmas and the New Year drew closer, a special gift for all tankers was released - an experimental version of the Gold Box with 1000 crystals in it (10,000 crystals in today's currency). After that, the value of the box was changed to 100 crystals (now worth 1000 crystals), and it was kept in the game.

The physics of the tanks weren't perfect. There were various bugs in the geometry of levels. For example, there was the so-called UFO effect:


This happened because one of the props had an invisible element, which stretched far up into the sky.

Lots of changes were coming soon. At this point, the game already had around 500,000 players. A notable event was the appearance of the first Marshal. His nickname was T7000. The second player to achieve this was a tanker called 777777.

At the end of 2009, AlternativaPlatform started working on a new project called Tanki Online 2.0, while continuing to develop the existing Tanki Online game. This was meant to be an absolutely new product with more realistic graphics, a more user-friendly interface and a whole lot more useful functions (social networks, mobile platform, and so on). However, after a year and a half of development, there was a change of plans. The project was cancelled and all of the new functions (new server platform, updated graphics, etc.) were incorporated into the existing version of Tanki Online step by step.

Era of the Second Generation

Doing parkour using second generation hulls and turrets
Chinese Tanki in action

The name of the period itself explains global changes in Tanki Online. Second generation of weapons and hulls was introduced. They were three hulls: Viking, Hornet and Mammoth and three turrets: Thunder, Ricochet and Freeze.

Many new maps were added. The looks of the game changed significantly. Tanki Online had from 1,000,000 to 4,000,000 active players at that time.

The demand for first generation weapons dropped significantly. There were rumours about a mysterious gun called Shaft.

The Chinese server of Tanki Online was launched in April 2010. Ivan Zykov, the art director of AlternativaPlatform, said:


The process of preparing Tanki Online for launch in China has almost come to its end. Numerous formalities and difficulties of translation are already behind. According to our Chinese partners, the game will be popular in their country thanks to its simple and dynamic gameplay

— Ivan Zykov

On May 7, 2010 Tanki Online became Site of the Day in the Favourite Website Awards


The making of Shaft (2011-2012)

One of the first pics of the long awaited gun
First Shaft players

This was the most awaited gun in the history of Tanki Online. The marketing department said that when it was first released, it was bought at a rate of 3 guns per second. The length of the gun was such that if you had it on a Wasp, it would be two times the size of the hull. At first, the Shaft gun had a lot of disadvantages; the biggest of which was its inability to hold a full charge (the turret fired its shot as soon as it was charged). But there was one good point - the damage it dealt. M3 Shaft had a damage of 250!

Then, it was temporarily removed from the game for rebalancing. The updated Shaft was able to hold its charge, but M3 damage was lowered from 250 to 200.

On March 25, 2012, Tanki Online welcomed its 10,000,000th player! His nickname was lYonsl.

The game was getting really popular.

Mysterious Green Triangle

On April 1st, players spotted a strange item in their Garages - the Green Triangle. Lots of speculations were made regarding its origin and purpose. Many thought that it was an element of some quest. Players were even calling battles "Green Triangle".

Developers introduced really expensive paints with good protection from various turrets.

On February 14th, 2011, a new gun was added to the main servers - the famous Smoky XT. It was more expensive than a standard Smoky and had better parameters. During one week, any player with a rank of Warrant Officer 1 and higher could buy Smoky XT and use it till February 22nd. The next day, Smoky XT's damage was increased and it was decided to keep the gun in the game for two more days. The event got lots of feedback from players (not a surprise as there were no changes like that before). The new gun became a number one discussion topic both in the game and in the forum. At 4:00 (UTC+0) on February 24th, Smoky XT was removed from the game forever.

Update 1.100 (second half of 2012)

September 6th became a really special day for the project, as it brought two of the biggest changes to the game; a new game mode called Control Points, and the new graphics.

3 days after the 1.100 update, we saw the 15,000,00th player registering in Tanki Online - his name was adilov.amir.

In the beginning of October, the Tanki Online forum was transferred to a new, more user-friendly engine.

On November 23rd, we saw the removal of the Madness map from the servers, due to its configuration.

December 17th brought us one of the most serious updates - the rebalance. The update changed the characteristics of the turrets, hulls and paints, and their availability according to ranks.

New graphics Control Points mode


Interface of the Friends System

On January 28th, the process of moving the server part of the game to a new platform was completed. This allowed for a significant improvement in terms of engineering. As for changes visible to players, the most important of them was the overall increase of the servers' capacity. Each server is now capable of hosting up to 5000 players.

April 9th brought the ability to remove a player from a team using special voting feature. If a violator entered a TDM, CTF or CP battle and started spoiling the game, he or she could now be removed from the battle by a majority of teammates. A new button appeared next to a player's nickname in the battle stats menu. The more teammates that clicked on it, the higher the chance that that player would be kicked from the battle.

Starting from July 16th, users could see battles in which their friends were present. A new menu had been added to the interface of the game, that was used for sending and receiving friend requests, as well as for browsing through a list of friends' battles. A new context menu had also been introduced. It appeared when you left-clicked on a player's nickname in any place in the game (chat, battle stats, lobby, etc.).

The Friends System has been further improved since. The ability to see the number of the server(s) your friends are on has been added, as well as the feature for inviting your friends to battles. Upon sending a request, the addressee receives a notification and can choose between going to the battle or declining the invitation. Notifications can be disabled in the Settings menu.

The new physics model of the hulls was released on December 11. This was one of the most significant improvements to the game. Thanks to numerous tweaks in the physics engine and various changes in the parameters of the hulls, each of them received its own unique character and new advantages. The overall speed of the game was increased, and consequently, the game became more diverse and dynamic. In addition, some changes were made to certain parameters of turrets. This update marked the beginning of the further balancing of all of the weapons in the game.

December 19th was marked with the introduction of one of the most anticipated updates of 2013 — Micro-upgrades. They allow players to improve certain parameters of turrets, hulls and paints before the next modification becomes available. Fully upgrading one, several or all the parameters of a turret or a hull results in a discount of up to 70% on the next modification.

Alongside the MUs, a rank up effect was added, as well as crystal bonuses for each new rank. As well as this, players received crystals for all their previously achieved ranks. A Generalissimo, for example, received a bonus amounting to 314,000 crystals in total.



Tanki Online Throwback videos

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