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The Chat allows easy communication with other players from within the game.
There are two chats in Tanki Online: the lobby chat and the battle chat. The first one is available to the left side of the screen when a player is looking through the battle list or the garage. Messages sent in it can be seen by all players who are currently on that particular server. The second one can be accessed by pressing 'Enter' during a battle and is visible only to those who are fighting with or against you.


The Forum is the place where tankers can relax and have some fun after challenging and exhausting battles.
Here players can chat with each other, discuss various aspects of the game and share their achievements. The Tanki Online forum is made up of several sections dedicated to various aspects of the community's life. It's also a good place for beginners to start as they can always ask for advice from more experienced players.


Tanki Online reporters are constantly providing the community with the latest news and the most interesting facts. These are the people who collect information in battles and in the forum, interview famous players and developers, and do many other things to keep you interested. You can always find plenty of articles in the Newspaper section in the forum, or contests to partake in every issue, for a small sum of crystals. There is also a Newspaper Archive, in which all previous editions are kept.

Video Blogs

Video Blogs are the source of reliable informations about the Game's present state and its future development. V-LOGs contain useful informations about recently implemented updates or new contests being held in a certain period of the year. They are released weekly and their duration is not fixed, but is generally around 8-12 minutes: it depends on how many arguments the Developers have to discuss. Video Blogs represent the direct connection between players and Developers.

User Profiles

Main article: User Profiles
Each tanker has his own profile page, displaying various statistics such as current rank, amount of EXP till the next rank, number of enemies destroyed, number of deaths, total death / kill ratio, current positions in the weekly ratings and, in the brackets, the earned experience points and the earned crystals during a specific week. The bottom part of the profile page lists all the turrets, hulls and paints used by the tanker, including the amount of hours spent and experience earned using each piece of gear. The system also displays the number of supplies used, as well as the time played and experience earned in each battle mode.


Gifts are perfectly suited for giving your best wishes to another tanker, congratulating them for a rank up or important achievement, cheering them up after a battle, or even confessing your feelings to someone you care about… there are numerous ways to use the gifts, and the only limit is your imagination!

Receied Gifts are visible in your User Profile.

Social Networks

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Dictionary for Players

There's a lot of terminology used in Tanki Online - this article will serve to explain to you the meaning of these terms and what they are.